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     The priorities of the average American have dramatically shifted over time and this worries me a great deal. The Constitution was written and protected so that Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Once upon a time all people wanted was a god job, healthy family, good education, and having the ability to provide for future generations. Now it seems as though the focus on this has shifted, and the gaps that fill these priorities  are stuffed with unnecessary needs. What is it in society thatis making people change what it is deemed necessary and what is deemed as a desirable. 

      With increases in technology we can see people on just a small scale striving to "keep up with the Joneses". What I mean by this is all around us people are blowing money that could be saved topurchase the new Ipad, Iphone, Droid, etc. None of these products are cheap so how is it people are affording these products and still saving for their further? Whether it be for retirement or a higher level of education for their children. Has the torch been passed to children to pay for college on their own with no financial support from their family.  If so I have to ask you this, with the cost of living so high as well as the cost of education, how do we expect an 18 year high school graduate to afford all of this.

      Could this new responsibility that is being placed on children be acting as an excuse not to pursue a higher level of education? If so, how do we expect America to maintain a level of competition in the global economy? Something needs to occur in society where people are brought back to the roots of what is important, and acknowledge what is desired. Knowledge is power, and with power comes responsibility. So my message to the ones in power now is as follows. It is your responsibility to take care of the youth in this country. By poisoning the minds of people you are directly responsible for the down fall of this country. Take care of yourself and take care of the people who work for you. Present them with a better way of living and follow this yourself.


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