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What is it really going on?

I've just read a couple of negative posts on #tsu - saying that there are more or less 3 distinctive groups here - the addict, the abuser and the ambassador (and not enough of them) - and then I just realized this is just a microcosm, a perfect picture of what his current global/#brutal #economy is .. we are all trying to get some something out there - that might be money, job, attention, motivation, love, affection

#addict type is the first one - with the lowest strategy, he just understand low quality work and immediate satisfaction
#abuser type is second - with a strategy based on exploiting other - he has accessed a certain position of power and use this as a leverage position to get the work done
the last one - the #ambassador - understand that there is little gain in the work, he just enjoy being where he is, and as soon as he doesn't feel welcome, he will leave.

link to the post from @FaithMarcusDesigns

The fun part is the same situation is found on tumblr, twitter, facebook, in your corporate meeting room, the coffee shop you're going, any social interactions involves this - and probably since the emergence of ego in the human society

my original post on tsu :

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