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Now a days every body is busy in their own lives . Not just the youngsters but mature men and women have also made their lives so busy that they don't have time to look after their kids. Parents are busy in their own social circles and give no time to their kids. Parents mostly keep nurses to look after their children. But a nurse can not tell all those things which parents can .

Nurses can not up bring children as good as parents can. Nurse can not stop them from bad things. Like, today's children indulge in illegal activities because a nurse won't tell them that what is wrong and what is right.. It is parents duty to keep their children away from bad habits and deeds. But these days parents don't give a damn to what  their children are doing , they have got no interest in activities of there kids. This is the reason that their children indulge in illegal and dangerous activities . Smoking, taking drugs these activities only take place when there is no one to tell those children that this is wrong.


But because the parents don't care ,children think that whatever they are doing is right. Children are not aware of their religion but are aware of every brand of bear, rum, vodka etc. Smoking has become a very normal thing for boys and girls both.

All this is because of negligence of parents . They should brought up their children by them selves .And push them towards a happy and healthy life.

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