Never afraid of failure

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Never afraid of failure


When are the people not to be afraid of failure and are looking for a goal, the size of the harmful reactions of people as possible to think of. But they thought that could happen is that falling is to their benefit. They still believed that between misery and bad luck is a granular way, someday you will come to fruition, it is useful to seed. I'm sure all the people who work in high wage surely can achieve great results and they always will succeed.




Do Follow situations, solutions, opportunities or driven them to do on the block? In the modern era, many people are looking for more negatives than positives are considering. To understand the circumstances must be overcome to understand the cognitive. Limited to humans and the belief that man is limited. The road to human progress and avoid skipping it is limited And are able to work more. In our culture there are those who see only themselves and their possibilities are that wage، these people never think we are, then we must join hands to fight and defeat. Always remember that we have a strong faith in doing so undoubtedly we will fight to defeat and no, not Fear Failure




Unfortunately, we have people in our culture today are afraid of failure and cannot think of another job that failed and this lack of progress is So do not be afraid to fail, we must always strive



Writer: Anoosh barakzai   

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his name is Anoosh barakzai he is 23 years old. he was born in nimrooz Province. he Graduate from school in 2010 he is working in film annex.

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