New Arab League Head, Right Choice for the Times, by Ambassador mo

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The Arab League can face the Arab Spring as threat or opportunity. Nabil Elaraby as new head –Secretary General - provides optimum opportunity for the current dynamic times to be seized as opportunity. Voice for Reform Elaraby had become first Foreign Minister in post-Tahir Square Egypt. He had been one of first to urge end to Mubarek dictatorial era, and painted himself once again ahead of the times among Egypt’s public service officials. Following is summary of Elaraby’s role: Elaraby was one of 30 high-profile Egyptians acting as liasion between the protesters and the Egyptian government, and pressing for the removal of President Mubarek. (Wikipedia) -“At a democracy forum on 25 February 2011, he said the Egyptian government suffered from a lack of separation of powers, a lack of transparency and a lack of judicial independence. He said foreign policy should be based on Egypt's interests, including "holding Israel accountable when it does not respect its obligations."[5]However, Elaraby’s credentials are much broader and international than Egypt’s crowded political scene. Colleague & Friend – Clever & Personal Integrity Nabil was my colleague as Egypt’s UN Ambassador. A friend and effective ally, he was there for Bosnia & Herzegovina in the 1990’s and for me personally years later. Clever and with personal integrity are rare combinations. Rule of Law & International Court of Justice Nabil Elaraby’s credentials though are evident before and after his stint as Egypt’s UN Permanent Representative. He was elected afterwards as Judge to the International Court of Justice. He continued to serve in various other international, regional as well as domestic institutions. He was educated internationally in law. He has come to be seen as a proponent of the rule of law. Key Role in Israel and Palestinian initiatives Elaraby, as Egypt’s new Foreign Minister, is credited with mediating the reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. However, he also was part of Egypt’s delegation during post 1973 War negotiations with Israel and the subsequent Camp David Accords. Qatar & Others Embrace Elaraby as Transformative Candidate Qatar's foreign minister, Hamad bin Jassim, said Egypt's choice of Elaraby "encouraged" his country to withdraw its nominee, diplomat Abdul Rahman bin Hamad al-Attiyah of the Gulf Cooperation Council. "We had an agreement in appreciation of Egypt and the (Egyptian) revolution of Jan. 25, (so) Qatar withdrew its candidate," he told the Arab League meeting. "This is the right choice, which encouraged us to support it." Elaraby said he came to the meeting without a prepared speech. "It is my pleasure to have this precious trust in me from the council and be named as the League chief, "I take on this difficult job as the Arab nations are facing many problems," Elaraby said. Arab League Evolving into Serious Multilateral Partner Nabil Elaraby is the right person at a crucial crossroads when Arab states have to look inwards to promote reform and the rule of law. He provides the Arab League a non-ideological perspective and approach to the Israeli conflict and hope for resolution. Elaraby has the international credibility as well as credentials to promote the organizations own development as partner with other multilateral institutions as the European Union, NATO as well as global powers as the United States. Elaraby should be a voice and force for change within Arab states, and he also will try to keep the Arab League ahead of the reform curve. This is critical for member states but also the urgent development of the Arab League into a serious multilateral partner. By Ambassador Muhamed sacirbey Facebook – Become Fan at “Diplomatically Incorrect” Twitter – Follow at DiplomaticallyX Related Reports: ---“Arab Revolutions: How Far?” - ---“Mubarek Leaves – Ban Ki-moon Welcomes” -

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