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When will I get paid?

You will gwt paid every week on weekend.

How can I change my Email address?

By clicking on the button that says Profile in the top menu.

Where can I see my referral link or my referrals?

By clicking on the button that says Refer in the top menu.

How do I refer my friends?

Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to visit it and create an account. On doing so, they will be automatically added as your referral and you will get 50% of their free play winnings as commission! Nothing will be deducted from their account, we pay the 50% out of our pocket. If you do not know how to get your referral link, please see the question above.

I have lost/wish to reset my password?

For security reasons you can not reset your password so do not loose the password because it is not recoverable.

How can I contact you?

By sending us an email to Please read the questions above before sending us an email. We do not respond to emails asking questions that have already been answered on this page.

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