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I have been very busy recently so i haven't had time to be blogging so I have a lot of catching up to do.

First of all I am sharing a blog I made for part of my uni course explaining all of the projects I have worked on and what I did on them. 

Here it is:

The aim of the blog is to prove what shoots I have been on and what i learnt, and trust me I learnt a lot from all of the shoots I have been on. I had an amazing few months and I learnt so much from some amazing people. 

On top of this I started a photography blog looking into analog photography to bring me back to basics and learn how to frame a shot. I have uploaded a few pictures and will upload a few on here as well. 

Here it is:

So all in all this is just the start of blogging again, I look forward to telling you all about the things I have been up to.


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My name is Dominic Mathewson and I am a young film maker.

My aim is to challenge boundaries and share stories that I feel need to be shared.

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