New Born Child Killed and Cremated by Teen Mother

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Early pregnancy is the most rampant issue,s in a community today. At young age they explored the world of curiosity and tried things beyond normal and when they get pregnant "Abortion" is the their first option. However, the issue of this young women is different, its indeed a brutal gruesome act.

Alexandra Olaru, 17 years old from Romania born a child, but she hid her pregnancy from her parents. After she gave birth to a cute little angel smothered here newborn baby with a pillow to death and thew its body inside the burning wood stove for cremation. According to Mirror UK.

After the horrific incident and gruesome killing act, she told the what she did to here little baby to her classmate in school. Her classmate didn't believed about the story she shared, but some details lead to her classmate to realized that she is not kidding anymore. Her classmate reported the gruesome act to their teacher and it reported to police. She was arrested and have admitted killing her baby.



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