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While i was making my new video about  "Subscribers in Pinterest" ,  that was yesterday August 14, 2014  at about later in the afternoon  i was surprised to see  a  sign  in the Buzz score +1 . I did not  pay attention about it because  i was concentrating  on finishing and posting my first video here in bitlander.  Then after  seeing my video on my page,  i look to see what this Buzz+1 is all about.

The first thing that came to my mind was it is a scoring for the subscriber , its an additional 1 score.  So then i tried to answer some message and then i found out  a score of  1 is added. Then  upon  visiting another co- member , another score of 1 was again added so i got +2 .Then all in all in a day  i got an additional score  for the day of about  seven which makes it 51 buzz scores in a day.  Wow , then i understand what this buzz+1 is all about.

What i had in mind was that ,  co- members will greatly benefit from this since they wont find hard to make scores , all they got to do was just visit their co- members.  If you have subscribers on your list you can just  visit them and invite them , then both of you benefit. The moment you visit and the co- member reciprocate the  visit , you will get a buzz score of 1.  It will surely make you a lot of buzz scores. 

This system of visiting co - members and invites is just like what i had emphasize on my blog and video that a subscriber should  BUZZ,  comment and share the works of fellow co-bitlanders.  But the difference here  is was that it was not  emphasize , the BUZZING,  COMMENTING and the SHARING  action .  I see that  having this  buzz +1 benefit per visits would make  the members contented  that they dont have to do BLOG, MICRO-BLOG , VIDEOS or IMAGES , because just visiting co- members page will give them buzz scores. This will be the flaws of the system.

Actually , one co- member  had already inform me that other members are doing the "subscribe and un- subscribe " technique to raise their buzz +1 scores ..That is easy scoring no  hardship , its  easy , you visit a co- members site  subscribe , then tell the co- members to re- visit your site. This action gives you a buzz score, then send a message to the co- member to - un-subscribe and you also  unsubscribe  then visit again then repeat the action , then you get another buzz scores. It will be unlimited scoring , i hope  the admin sees this and adopt a policy. The quality of the buzz scores  would  tainted with dishonesty  and the works of the co-members would lessen that eventually affects the whole system , the revenues , the advertizers and the site itself.

Buzz score +1  is good and a great benefit but  hope members don't resort to the "subscribe-un-subscribe vs system,  you will benefit for the time being not for long. Its good to be working quality works,  keep the  B, C and the S  as our daily routine while keeping on posting blogs, micro- blogs and galleries. \

What can you say with the buzz score+1?



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