New discovery; meet a new discovered mammal with trunk a close relative to huge elephant

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Have you ever imagine a mouse like mammal to  be cousin of five to eight ton elephant?  Have you ever thought of realting a mouse like creature to a big, huge,giant elephant? No na then grab your seats, put on your seat belts and start journey to Nimibia Western Africa, where you can see an amazing family reunion of two distinct cousins; a newly discovered mammal who just weigh some ounces and a giant weighing from three to five tons.

This small creature which resemble with a mouse and in first glance you cant distinguish between and mouse, study has revealed that mammal is genetically more close to the elephant then a mouse. According to researchers of California university these mammals carry about ninety percent of genetic code which is found in elephant DNA. When reporters asked question from researchers about why these creatures remain hidden from the eyes of people for very long time, Jack Dumbacher, who work as researcher in  the Academy’s Curator of Ornithology and Mammalogy said mostly these creatures live in the isolated areas and they have a fur of rust color which blend with the color of earth in Africa.

I was really excited to read such type of discovery and really amazed to know that in this scientific and robotic era in which man has searched the bossoum of ocean such type of mammal fauna is unknown and is waiting explorer to explore them.

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