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Exciting news- My new film is almost ready!

After weeks of illness I have finally managed to start finalising my edit on a new film called 'My Gal' featuring James Parsons- an actor who has featured in many works on and off screen including stage and not to mention feature films such as Partner in Crime. 


With a wonderful cast and crew I'm so pleased with this project! It was secured  as one of the first films I was given the chance to write, direct and edit. A professional and thought provoking film is my ultimate aim and I cant wait to get some of your opinions. A Filmmaker has to start somewhere and as a quick taster I've added some Captions from the film. Watch this space and I look forward to your feedback!

My Gal

A film exploring the effects of grief and the darkness it can conceal. 

Grief- A funny little word just five letters.

Thanks for Reading!

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