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New filmmakers and films join Film Annex every day, and this newsletter is here to show you the best of our latest content! You will also get updates on the latest news from our platform, starting this week with an update on the BuzzScore and tips on how to be featured on the Annex Press.

Filmmaker Dennis Mulyar joins Film Annex

Dennis Mulyar grew up in a family of artists, so it didn't take long to realize that he wanted to be a filmmaker. His goal is to make films that will impact his generation as well as the ones to come. Following this spirit, he directed his first major short film about his grandmother's life in the ex-USSR where she was persecuted because of her faith. 5 Words is a very promising film for Dennis' career that re-creates well the atmosphere of that time and gives an honest portrait of each character. The film already had its first premiere with an audience of more than 250 people, a talk with the lead actors and crew, and a posters' signing! The short film comes with two behind the scenes videos and an interview of the grandmother who inspired the story.

The new movie you shouldn't miss

Plush toys as superheroes? Everything is possible in movies! In Matt Burniston's Mega Plush, four vengeful vigilantes take over the night... with quite an attitude. Are we in a movie or a video game? It's hard to tell as the filmmaker mixes humoristic film noir and animation, and brings Mega Plush to your screen for 4 minutes of pure entertainment! Matt Burniston is also a new member on Film Annex and will surely come back under the spotlight with more videos soon!

Extra reward for the top 10 BuzzScores

Being active on Film Annex doesn't go unrewarded! The top 10 users with the best BuzzScores are now receiving an extra cash reward, starting from $50 for the top one. A user can now potentially generate up to $100 per day if he or she reaches the top 10. See the video below to know more about the BuzzScore and read this blog for more details. Don't forget, higher BuzzScore = higher revenues!

Your blogs on the Annex Press

Because we want the best blogs on the Annex Press, and yours to be part of them, we listed a series of items that you should focus on while writing your articles. It goes from choosing keywords to adding links, pictures and making sure your blog is well-written, with no mistakes and appealing to your readers. Check this blog for more tips.

All the blogs are reviewed by our editorial team which chooses the ones that are featured on the Annex Press. Being featured on the Annex Press increases your BuzzScore and revenues.

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