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Hi everyone. I just came from LA, full of emotions and full of energy. Want to explain everything to you, my young readers J

First of all – it was my first visit to CA. Do you remember the Californication song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The weather is amazing, ppl are amazing, everything is slow and cool.

As a general manager of FAMusicTV I was interested in meeting independent musicians. And it was easy, but completely at random.

Once, I was on my way to the ghost town on “Road 66”. And then I dropped in to their local bar (I really don’t remember the name of that place). OMG, it was small, cheap but the coolest bar ever. The bartender-waiter-boss is a woman in her late 70’s or early 80’s. Billiard table stood in the middle of the bar + there was a table with a game I don’t know the name.

The price of the game was 75 cents !!!! The drink prices were only 4 dollars J Welcome to the Western Civilization.

Two guys walked over to me and started a conversation.

My name is Luke, said one of the fellas. He was very friendly and, when a song from the radio started to play, Luke Messimer started to sing. Northern Youth – was the name of his band. Piano, guitar, drums, bass, trumpet, and violin… He was a multi-instrumentalist and also a leader of the band.

Indie style, indie appearance, indie vision… real talented  individual live in ghost town, not in Hollywood, I thought.

After, in the middle of the night Luke and his brother invited me and my friends to the theater.  The  ghost town theater has not changed in the last 120 years. The interior was a little bit strange. There was a deer head hanging on the wall, the boar head, the deer, the boar… eww… It seems that 120 years ago it a was pretty hunters place…

20 minutes later I heard music. Behind the stage was a vintage piano. The guys told us that this piano is for silent movies showed here a long time ago.

Music… and song was started. This was a real indie concert, I said. I really didn’t understand how he can play without any lights behind the stage… It was amazing.

Enjoy simple things and envy me, because the concert in the vintage theater in the ghost town by a real indie performers is no MTV candy J

Thank you, Luke Messimer. I hope you make some professional videos soooon J

Fred Kurzh,

P.S. As a bonus, I want to show you a new FAMusicTV video by NOD ONE'S HEAD BAND.

Enjoy watching FAMusicTV 

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