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At times we need more than new connections. We need new people who can really become part of our lives both in the virtual and in our real life. So the question is - where and how. It is not easy to find a place to be taken seriously on the matter as we are speaking of friendship and not dating possibility. But maybe it is right there from the start, just not so obvious.

Where can you make new internet friends? At first sight Facebook doesn't seem to provide such possibility. Although adding your friend’s friends often does not give you much more than a new face on your list and you never even get to chat. There is another option, less discussed. Join groups! Just like when you want to search someone by name, you can search for interest groups. This means that members a same group share mutual interests or belong to certain categories. It will be excited for you to find out what other people around the world like cooking, golf, your country, the same kind of music or the same languages as your do. Pick a group of your interest, preferably a large one as there is more chance a larger group would be alive. Then send a request to join them. Then start posting. Introduce yourself and give them the something that might interest them. Things will simply start rolling after that. Once they get used to your visits and start liking your posts inside the group, some members will wish to meet you more personally. Most members are there for the same reasons you are, so they won’t be bored. Some may be willing to help, if necessary. It works like in real life: "A friend in need is a friend in deed”. Groups can broaden your horizons and connect you to people on deeper levels - intellectual, spiritual, emotional, career related, etc. Groups are similar to Forums, so you can look for one that applies to you best outside Facebook, of course.


Friendship founded on a deeper level stand a chance to break the virtual barriers. Friendships founded on grounds of mutual interests last longer. Apart from Facebook, we recommend Bitlanders, Fanbox, Bubblews and Experts Column platforms for new quality friendships.These sites are paradise for creative people who like to share their ideas. Here friends add up quickly. Fun is guaranteed! Not only that, your membership and active participation on these sites can even make you some extra money.

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