New Music: Eastern Anchors - Drunken Arts and Pure Science

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Eastern Anchors is a rock band based in Red Bank, NJ that has been together for a number of years. The 3-piece has been together for more than 20+ years, but have been in and out of bands during that time. Recently I got to catch them play a set in Sayreville, NJ at an old tavern called Buddies. This place was hilarious and felt like home. If you've ever seen the Blues Brothers it's kind of like the place where they played Rawhide. If you haven't - go see the damn Blues Brothers. Their album is Drunken Arts and Science. A short film was made introducing the band and their story here: For fans of good honest rock I would definitely recommend Eastern Anchors. Specifically my favorite track is Herzog Can You Hear Me. It's always rough to find good, local music online as its kind of flooded. Check them out here and if you're a Jersey kid like me go to a show and rock out to them live.  

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