New Power Up Gained ,,,!! New Amazing Feature of the Bit Landers

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New Power Up Gained ,,,!! New Amazing Feature of the Bit Landers


Just two days before the Bit Landers developed new and most amazing feature to its page that is " New power up Gained". This means that when someone subscribe you then your buzz score will increase by 1 for one day. So if 10 users subscribe you in a single day then there will +10 with your buzz score and the next day the buzz score will have to be incremented by 10. This is one of the best and adorable feature and the users are very pleasant by this special offer of the Bit Landers. Increase in the buzz score is the way to increase in daily basis revenues. I from myself will say special thanks to Bit Landers official for providing us such a great feature and I am looking forward for more amazing and wonderful features and hope so Bit Landers will brought more advance setup while on its page.




Bit Landers will be the world top class social website and it is becoming popular through out the world. The numbers of users are increasing daily. A day will come soon that Bit Landers will be the top among all the social medias and it will bring new changes which will be the reward for its users. Bit Landers always look somethings beneficial for their users and It pay to all its users for their work at Bit Landers, like for their blogging, sharing, film making. Those users who are serious and work daily have great reward by the Bit Landers and they are very happy to stay with Bit Landers.

I'm quite sure that Bit Landers will not disappoint their users and it will always bring something new for them. Dear users just trust on Bit Landers and serious with your job, It will always think better for you,,,,,!


Thank you so much for your time,,,,,,!!


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