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Lidonax is a new ptc site launched some days ago. It has instant payment system but due to high traffic of members in 1 week. There is some issues on which admin is working on. 5000 members joined lidonax in 1 week. Lidonax offers free upgraded membership and 1$ in purchase balance upon signing up. You can rent referrals or advertise your links. Free membership let you earn 0.21-0.25$ per day. If you rent referrals from your 1$ purchase balance then you can earn 0.30$ per day. Make direct referrals. You will get 50% of your referrals earnings. I recommended you to rent referrals because from 1$, you will get some visits to your link. Rented referrals will earn for you. You will earn more. Minimum payout is 2$. I earned 2$ in 4 days and requested payout. I received payout in 1-2 days. I know its not instant because admin is working on issue as i said before. Instant payments will be started after some days :) join hurry and start earning
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