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The more people we meet, and we become more exposed to trends and has become more exposed to trends and culture-the more toned our attire becomes, in essence; we come to harmony with our clothing. Fashions constant evolutions take new turns and inspire new trends-and let’s face it; we as humans are important. Not only do we lust for these shiny, pretty new things now because they are the ‘new’ trend, we want to be known as the first to adhere to new culture before anyone else does. There is nothing more satisfying then basking in glory as jaws drops when we walk our own ramps and show off our newest venture in fashion.




When it comes to fashion, there is no obligation-nothing that you must do, nothing that wrong or right, there what you do, and what you don’t do. Whether it’s fresh off the runway or already selling on the high street, if you love it-wear it.




In sharp contrast to the rest of the world, the evolution of fashion in Pakistan is snail paced. We need to concede to the fact that women in Pakistan are aversive to changing their ways when it comes to attires, and the fact that they are unwilling to take the risk or the plunge, they need to first make sure how the world is responding to newer trends before they can take that road. In our part of the world, there are only a few who have the heart to take valid criticism and evolve.

2014 started off with the selection of DAZZLING BLUE as the color of the year by Pantone. The coolness and serenity of the hues of blues are perfect companions for the bolder lot of shades, these when combined become entwined to perfection and add confidence and harmony to the whole palette.2013 saw a lot of trends leaving a lasting impact. Round sunglasses WING styled bag, Trapeze Bags declared the it bag of the season.

Tapered pants to assemble with your variety of the seasons must have short tops. If you high on fashion trends then must know that elegance in your dressing is definitely the key to success.

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