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Money has been flying around the social media and the application world for the past couple of years and does not look to have a slowdown in sight. The ever popular, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App is projected to bring in 200 million dollars this year; while Facebook last year brought in earnings of 5.97 billion dollars.

In all of this, have you, the user, ever gotten paid for your activity?

Can you imagine a place where the goal of the Kim Kardashian App of rising to the top of the social ladder meets Facebook, Twitter and WordPress and Pays You!?

bitLanders, Designed and developed in Italy and New York City, is a Content Gaming Platform beyond any other. Each user, referred to as a bitLander, earns Buzz Points by being active within the community. Share a selfie, share a video, write a blog, invite a friend and earn Buzz Points.

Buzz Points are then converted into Bitcoin, the digital currency of bitLanders, which can be spent on the platforms Shopping section to purchase Electronic Gift Cards associated to the Brand, retailers like Amazon, or further enhancements to their bitLanders digital persona.

The buzz is just starting, be one of the first of your friends to join this rapidly growing Social Media Craze at



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