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Advertising on Youtube is a great way to send more traffic to your website. However targeting the right people with your ads is more difficult than it might seem, that's wha Video Drill is for. Youtube let's you advertise in various ways using a couple different types of ads, but in particular we will be talking about video ads in this blog post.

The goal with any advertisement is to align your offer with the most targeted audience possible, to make sure you achieve a good conversion rate and good return on investment. Youtube doesn't make it easy to target the custom audiences they make available to you, the only way to do it is manually. If you want to advertise on specific Youtube videos, you have to go out and find them all individually and create a list by hand.

That way takes a lot of time, and this new Video Drill software makes that process easier by helping you with the research, and also creating lists of individual URLs for videos, channels or search results pages you want to show video ads on.

Before writing this I found a Video Drill review in Google via one of the Internet marketing blogs I follow, which made a couple good points.

Did you know that you can advertise across specific Youtube channels or individual videos within those channels?  I didn't know that until I read the review.  Imagine being able to advertise to all the viewers and subscribers of the most popular channels in your niche.

That's why I think this new software is so great for creating videos ad campaigns on Youtube, especially if you advertise there a lot.  It makes it way easier to narrow in on very targeted users.  I've dabbled in Youtube advertising prior to this, but was never able to get the targeting right.

It doesn't go live until tomorrow but I suspect, depending on the price, that I'll be picking it up so I have it when I need it.

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