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HELLO :) ....This blog is going to explain the first stages to my new stop motion animation. I am going to record the making of it step by step... so that my audience can get a better insight into how it is made....

Unlike my previous animation 'EARTH' this one is going to be more for the 'adult' audience (don't worry its not like a violent 18 rated animation, sorry to disappoint some! ha) .....its going to appeal to the adult humour though :)

Ok so first off I am going to explain how I have made the main character who is nameless at the moment...(I am open to suggestions... :) )

ingredients: modelling clay, bits of wire, solder wire and a screw

Next comes the modelling....its probably easy to just show the pictures really because I tend to just go with the flow when I am modelling. I knead the clay until I achieve my desired shape, then add detail last. On this particular model I did have a certain shape in mind.... The character is human, but a different type of human if that makes sense (I don't want to give too much away at this stage ;) 
Above: Arms, made from solder wire. Three reaaaallly loooong fingers on each....this will make sense later on ;)
Above: legs...pretty simple really, again solder wire but a little more rough on the detail as these are going to be covered with clay. I like solder wire as it keeps a sturdy yet manageable movement on the model.
The main body, with a quick clothing test.
 Above: Body, with one leg attached (side view) 
 Above: body with two legs....I know, it looks a little like a deformed dinosaur at the mo! ha
 Body,legs and metal arms. The arms are staying metal, but I may add to them.
Next comes the best bit...THE FACE :D...
I was a little un decided on eye colours......
Below: A strange ear mechanism?..... :)
Below: Full Character....I have added wire to the arms for an even more mechanical effect :)
Also added toes....(I have kept these more human like, similar to the one eye) I haven't given the character a mouth yet, Im not sure if I will or not yet, my character isn't exactly going to say much...but there is again a reason for that :) so you will have to keep posted to find out why :D ....
So there you have it.....MR. Un-named for my new short stop motion, I cant wait to animate him!!! Hope you enjoyed this blog, keep posted for the next stages to follow..... :D 

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