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Still curious about the Kung Fu Panda 3? The new trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 has been released, ready to give some new info to the fans, as well as possible to convince the still hesitant to watch it!

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As already seen in the previous trailer, this time Po advised to tread a new path as a kung fu fighter: become a teacher, like Shifu and Oogway before him.

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And apparently, when you hear the words of Shifu and Po's father, one way for him to reach the next level in the world of kung fu is a deeper understanding of who he is. In Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, Po is the only giant panda is seen as the panda hiding after the brutal attack of Lord Shen to their villages. Now he found the whole village panda, he must try to blend in with his own people, that he was forced to leave since he was a baby.

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Of course, the great enemy of Po in the film, Kai, also appeared. From the dialog Po, he mentions that he can not face Kai alone. Pretty amazing, considering the Po in the film is not just a Dragon Warrior, he also has achieved inner peace since the second film, which is a massive increase its strength.

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