New Trailer Zootopia - Hilarious and Heartwarming

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Again looking attractive animated film? Judging from the new trailer Zootopia anyway, the latest Disney cartoons can be a great choice for kids and adults! Just check the video via the link below!

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Zootopia is a town inhabited by various intelligent animals with exactly resemble human lifestyle. The main character of this film is Judy Hoops, rabbit first to join the police force.

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The new trailer shows that Judy in Zootopia experienced discrimination in the police. Whether because she is a woman, or because he was small, but feels it when another cop seen underestimate the ability Judy just because he's a rabbit. To prove that he was entitled to a police badge, Judy was involved forced himself into a mysterious case.

Judy managed to find Nick Wilde, a fox which turned out to be an important witness of the cases it investigates.

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But, as you can see in the trailer and also the picture above, Nick would not willingly helping Judy. Weather Nick Wilde in Disney shows that fox this one actually is a con, so no surprise that he deliberately complicate police work like Judy. Among them deliberately bring Judy to the office whose staff met by sloth moving very, very slowly.

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