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This is my first week as a student of the Tecnologico de Monterrey and I felt different emotions these days, everything is new, from transportation, travel I do daily, times that I have, that although they are shorter than they used to was, I find it complicated the fact of changing classroom and have differents classmates in each class, not being able to engage even a friendship because not live much with them, I don´t understand some terms specific to the institution and to have as mystery the way of work of each teacher. But I think all these are challenges will not be problem in the future.

In high school I got very good results and that is why I had the opportunity to compete for a scholarship here, and I feel very fortunate to have been selected in the program Leaders of Tomorrow, because I think it's a golden opportunity, everything which it has offered me the Tec so far and want to take everything you can offer me during my stay here and after the race, but I also feel a great responsibility, knowing that everything depends on me.

I decided to study psychology, it is an area that interests me since childhood, plus they just discovered the Neurosciences, and have been defined that is what I want to dedicate myself, I think it is a very interesting science plus complex and that studies human in an extraordinary way, I think that psychology can have a big impact on this fairly new area. Start by research, to achieve all you put into practice knowledge acquired, allowing revolutionize psychotherapy.

I also hope that this time the next generation of my school can realize the great opportunities they can take, that the door has opened. My teachers are proud of what they have made me and my family support me as so far it has.

To achieve this I must concentrate on my goals, I want to wake up every day remembering what I want to accomplish and effort involved, at all times find a reason to continue and get up at the falls. This semester I want to know further, accept my weaknesses and find ways to turn them into strengths, I want to learn to relate to all my teammates because from the primary that did not experience school change, rhythm and peers, then it is something very new. I want to strengthen my virtues that have brought me here, as is the commitment, responsibility, humility and security in myself.

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