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Just a few days more and we will be entering our New day of the coming year 2015, most of us will be welcoming it by loud noises such as firecrackers and loud songs being played on the radio stations. But still are so many going to churches and praying, thanking for the wonderful life they had during the year or maybe asking guidance to face the coming year.

But whatsoever the prayer maybe, we must not forget to be grateful that we are still alive and about to face another year even there are struggles  and  hardship along the way. Life will not be great without it.

As we bid the year 2014 goodbye, let us not forget that the experiences we encountered are not accidents but test we must learned, endure and passed,  we must think that if we able to make it then we can resume to another year, another page just like in a book, the next year might be exciting or more hardship to endure.

Just  let the year passed , gather all the good things , left behind the bad things  and enjoy the coming year.

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