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Querlo sponsors the Open New York Judo Championship 2017 which had commenced on the 26th of March, 2017 at the New York Athletic Club. This annual event supports sports in the State of New York and even has been a source of producing Olympic Judo competitors. This even is open to all of the best judo athletes across the world in a unique, team tournament which provides new opportunities to make a mark on the sport and earn a spot in Judo history for their corresponding countries.

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It's almost April and that basically means our Judo suits for both male and female avatars which was offered to all bitLanders users for free until March 31, 2017 are almost over. I don't really have an idea if bitLanders or Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno's team will still be going to give for free, or perhaps he might be offering it for a specific price from the bitLanders Shop or maybe these costumes will be deleted off the shop, we don't know but one thing's for sure, they are still free right at this moment.

Currently I am writing this blog 29th of March, just about two days before the end of the Judo month so I thought it would be better for me to create a new blog about the recent NY Open Judo Championship results held last March 26, 2017 at the New York Athletic Club.

QUERLO Overview

First off, let me share about Querlo, the main major sponsor of this event and what it is all about. Here's an overview:

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QUERLO in Action

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QUERLO and Sports

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A quick note as well as to why Querlo has become a sponsor of this event as Francesco Rulli, President of Querlo and MTI USA Inc, is an avid Judo competitor, Yodan (4th degree black belt) and children Judo instructor at the New York Athletic Club Saturday Morning Program. He had shared numerous hours training the younger generation on the benefits of the sport and how they can apply them to their real world. It is indeed humbling to know that a man of whom has a status such as Francesco is giving back to the community through education as well as philanthropy. This makes me look up to him more!

This year is the 6th time that MTI USA Inc. has been sponsoring the event and I believe there will be more sponsorship in the next years to come.


This year 2017, the New York Judo Open championship lineups will include men’s teams and women's team from the United States, Germany, Israel, and France. As usual, it has been set up at the New York Athletic Club last 26th of March, just four days ago.

Here's the run of events:

Competition starts at Noon
1st Men – Israel (ISR) vs France (FRA)
2nd Men – Germany (GER) vs USA
3rd Women – Israel (ISR) vs France (FRA)

Followed by the final matches for both Men & Women teams

4th Men – Bronze Medal match
5th Women – USA vs loser of FRA/ISR
6th Men – Gold Medal match
7th Women – USA vs winner of FRA/ISR

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There were also presentations to entertain the crowd. Photo credit: Lou DiGesare via


Photo credit: Semyon Maltsev via


Photo credit: Semyon Maltsev via

The Opening Ceremonies started at 2:00 pm of that wonderful day, it was estimated that the competition finished around 4:30 - 5 pm. Immediately after the competition, the winning athletes had been awarded as well.

It was cool that there's a Banquet dinner immediately after the competition, approximately 6 pm. All the athletes and organizers had the time to enjoy beer, pasta and sake tasting while you mingle with the athletes and coaches.


I reviewed the blog posted by Judo and Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno as well as checked Francesco Rulli's page but no one had mentioned that the event will be broadcasted live via the internet.

And not to mention the best thing about it was the fact that everyone can view the tournament from 4 different angles! How cool was that?

Since there were four major sponsors in this event namely:

Fuji Cam

The live steam can be viewed on four different angles. On the New York Open Judo live stream site, viewers can click on any of the sponsors and they will be connected to one of cameras.

Here's the recorded live stream videos:

Video credit: DokuMe via

Video credit: DokuMe via


When competitions like this happens, it is such an honor to the athletes to be proclaimed as winners. It is a proclamation of not just the one time event that had occurred but also a reminder that hard work will always reward you. Athletes of any sport specially with Judo requires constant training and work out to perfect or perhaps to enhance their abilities and skills. Which is why when one athlete gets awarded for a specific event, let's all think about the past sacrifices he or she had to undergo to reach that state - a state of a champion!

Photo credit:


Image credit: Lou DiGesare via

The recent New York Open Judo had proclaimed Team Israel as the winner of the said competition. They had dominated the mat, winning both the men’s and women’s team competitions.

Here are the RESULTS:


1 - Israel
2 - USA
3 – France
4 – Germany


1 - Israel
2 - USA
3 - France

The proclaimed Most Valuable Player Women: Shira Rishony (Israel) while for the men's division: Almmog Louzon (Israel). Congratulations to all the athletes!

To learn more about the event, check out the survey below:


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