New York Rangers Casino Night: A Sure Bet for the Garden of Dreams Foundation

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Dreams… The word has different interpretations. A dream is clinically defined as a series of thoughts or images that occur during sleep. A dream is also something that can be defined as a goal or an ideal that one aspires to. Or something real that occurs that is so fantastic that you have to pinch yourself and ask “Am I dreaming?” These are the interpretations that we will focus on for the moment.  To a child, a dream is important to have and to hold on to.  When a child’s dreams are broken by circumstances they can’t control or understand it can have a devastating effect. This is where the Garden of Dreams Foundation comes in. They supply that “Pinch Yourself” moment, providing lifelong memories and experiences for children and their families whose lives are threatened by illness or impeded by poverty, homelessness and despair through the intercession of Madison Square Garden and all the resources at their disposal.

Here at #InTheLab we cover a lot of red carpet charity events. Although the causes may be different and diverse, the one common denominator is always the celebrity factor.  A famous face or faces from across the spectrum of public awareness using that platform to give back to a community or to advocate for a cause. These affairs serve to raise awareness and motivate people to become involved and make a difference.  The Garden of Dreams Foundation is one of those organizations that strikes a chord in those that represent it and support the work they do. One of the events held annually features not one or two celebrities, but an entire team of them, the New York Rangers. The Rangers, as a team turned out to dine, play blackjack and rub shoulders with their fans at the New York Rangers Casino Night held at Gotham Hall. The affair is always a great time, with the fans getting the opportunity to mingle with their heroes up close and personal in a festive environment. The event features auctions of Ranger memorabilia and special events with the proceeds supporting the Garden of Dreams and their partners in their charitable and very special efforts on behalf of children whose dreams need to be restored…

We invite you to take a moment and listen in as Arthur Kade speaks with former Ranger great and Stanley Cup Winner Adam Graves, current players Rick Nash, Dan Girardi, Cam Talbiot, Carl Hagelin, Henrik Lundqvist, and former Team Captain Ryan Callahan as they share their thoughts on the Garden of Dreams Foundation and other topics from the Sochi Olympics to their favorite games of chance!

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