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Everybody’s looking for the next big thing in the entertainment world; we always want the weirdest, youngest, and most awe-inspiring. I too, am always searching for something to catch my eye; recently, an event that took me by surprise is happening right on my doorstep at Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse

As opposed to reading the tabloids about the lives of celebrities like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, I get to see some up-and-coming celebs with a couple of friends in the heart of our city. 

Upon further research of the event, I found that twin-brothers, Ivan K & FK, will be breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest concert by a duo. The idea and inspiration for the concert came from a start-up media company, FDRMX, props to the small-business world.

My friends, family and friends-to-be can agree, places like the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum and Madame Tussaud’s house of wax are always a must-see; so I figure, since I came across a really cool summer event why not be part of creative history in the making?


 One of the main artists, FK, performing at a concert in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

New Yorkers alike can agree. We need some type of rush, we crave something different and from Sept. 1st -4th, that’s exactly what my friends and I will be doing. The main artists will be breaking the record from 64 hours, 5mins and 7 seconds to an even 65 hours. 

Truth be told, I’m sure that this longest concert ever will be very entertaining and a great summer event because of the company, FDRMX’s history. Research states that this media company actually created multiple events in the past including a concert at Harrah’s casino in the party-empire, AC.


FK performing at Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey

As for the skeptics in the world, including myself, Ivan K & FK will be broadcasting their rehearsals in order to prove that they’ve broken the record before and can break it again officially. 

As a proud Brooklynite and New Yorker, call me biased but, I tend to adore creativity and the NYC scene. Toshi’s definitely appeals to my tastes; it’s a sophisticated atmosphere for those classy lady nights while maintaining the fun-loving, anything-can-happen feel of New York.


 A sneak peak to Toshi’s Living Room and Penthouse’ rooftop in the Flatiron District of New York City

Now I can’t speak for everyone but, growing up, I’ve always viewed New York City as a sweet melting pot of nationalities. This aspect is also played in the longest concert by a duo which will be a bilingual event, where the main artists will consistently switch between Russian and English songs.

All in all, Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse is a cool spot, I get to see a Guinness World Record broken, some drinks, friends, music, celebs and fun; what more can a girl ask for? That’s the best of all worlds. 

Margaret Skowronska



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