Newbie guide to bitcoin like me.

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Why bitcoin is important to a person like us, now in bitcoin we can paid with such flexibility and not time consuming, If we use bitcoin we are the own bank of our own money we can pay across the world. Bitcoin invented in 2009 or 2008 not sure, by Nakamoto Satoshi it is a decentralized coins that can use across the internet that time you can buy a 10k btc for a worth of $8 now Bitcoin is worth $690 imagine if someone save a 10k worth of bitcoin, he/she can be a millionaire by now.

What is this QR code that looks like a maze puzzle for a mouse, it isn't that's my bitcoin address everyone and anyone could pay me just for scanning that QR code and that's easy how it is to pay in bitcoin, and there's also another way of payment different wallet address it is a collection of random numbers and letters they need to copy paste that and pay the holder of that wallet address. How amusing? it is not to late to learn bitcoin, it is like it is too late to learn internet and smart phone. it only depends on oneself if he/she wants to engage learning.


you can start to own your first address in visit it if you want to learn more.

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