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18. ……….. is currently available to researchers and physicians who study and treat acromegaly glandular disorder characterized by enlargement and obesity.

A. The little information         B. Few information               C. Little information                 D. A few information

19. ………..can be grown on arid land.

A. Only a few crops                   B. Only few crop                 C. Only a little crops                 D. Only little crop

20.Only ………..of the breeds of cattle have been brought to the United States.

A. a small amount                 B. a little amount                 C. a small number                     D. a little number

21. ……….fuel that is used today is a chemical form of solar energy.

A. Most of                             B. The most               C. Most                       D. Almost the

22. Unless protected areas are established, the Bengal tiger, the blue whale, and the California condor will face ………. of extinction.

A. possible             B. the possibility                   C. to be possible       D. possibly

23. Sunspots are known to cause ……..enormous increase in the intensity of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation.

A. an               B. a           C. some         D. one

24. There are three kinds of solar eclipses; one is total , another is annular, and …….

A. the another is partial         B. the partial is other       C. other is partial       D. the other is partial

25. Some plants are annals; …….are biennials; the rest are perennials.

A. some another                       B. anther       C. others             D. other

26. ………….. planet from the sun, Mars has a year of 687 days.

A. The fourth                   B. The four         C. Four       D. Fourth

27. ……….. is cheaper for students who maintain a B average because they are a better risk than average or below – average students.

A. Automobile’s insurance         B. Insurance of automobiles         C. Automobile insurance     D. Insurance automobile

28.the evolution of vertebrates suggests development form a very simple hcart in fish to a ……… in man

A . four-chamber   B. four chambers heart   C. four chamber hearths   D. four chamber’s heart       

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