NFL: Week 1 Predictions

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The start of the season is approaching fast. The Thursday season opener between Seattle and Green bay will be here in no time. The excitement is building. If you play +FantasyFootball you most likely drafted your team this weekend.

The week 1 line up of games is sure to be exciting with matchups between Seattle and Greenbay, Denver and Indianapolis, Miami and New England and Cincinnati and Baltimore. There are sure to be the usual unexpected great game. One to tune in that is usually exciting and full of offense is New Orleans vs Atlanta.

For 20 weeks of the year we celebrate this great game for the other 32 we long for it's return. It is almost here and my anticipation is at it.s highest. Here are my predictions for week 1.

Upset Pick:
Miami defeats New England

Seattle defeats Green Bay

Philadelphia defeats Jacksonville
Pittsburgh defeats Cleavland
St. Louis defeats Minnesota
New York Jets defeat Oakland
Kansas City defeats Tennessee
Cincinnati defeats Baltimore
New Orleans defeats Atlanta
Washington defeats Houston
Chicago defeats Buffalo
Carolina Defeats Tampa Bay
Dallas defeats San Fransisco
Denver defeats Indianapolis

Detroit defeats New York Giants
Arizona defeats San Diego

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