NFL Week 1 Upsets

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Every week in the NFL season there are some games that go as no one thought they would. It is nearly impossible to predict which ones will go this way. I hav a couple in ind and her is which ones and why.

Dallas defeats San Fransisco: The 49ers are reeling a bit right now after some major suspensions on their defense and now this weekend another of their defensive players got in trouble for Domestic Violence. The NFL has just announced a new policy in which they will throw the book at Domestic Violence offenders. The is situation combined with the game being in Dallas and Dallas has the offense to beat the 49ers if they play badly.

Miami bets New England: This one is much simpler, The Dolphins and Patriots have a great rivalry and in rivalry games anyone can win. The Dolphins are an up an coming team with a burgeoning offense and a good defense. The game is in Miami and I think the Pats are in for a tough game.

I could be completely wrong about these games and that is why we watch the games. The upsets will probably come from nowhere and leave us baffled as they do every time. I can.t wait to see what happens in week 1.

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