Nhặt được thư trong chai lưu lạc trên biển sau 41 năm

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The visitors were very surprised when he picked up the letter in the bottle with the date written 41 years ago and have contact with people who write it.

Michael Scholz Guests can not believe I found a letter while strolling along the beach Jones, New York, USA. When picked up and opened the bottle, German tourists have found a letter written by a Scottish fishermen, John Souter, in 1973. Michael decided to send a letter to the address of Mr. Souter at Lossiemouth, Moray.

Mr Souter, who wrote the letter and cast into the sea, was very surprised to open the mailer was sent. He remembered the letter on a fishing boat on the day 06.07.1973, while out to sea with his father and brother-in-law, Bill Stewart. He said: "I wrote your name, address and date on it before you put it in a bottle and threw it into the sea. He did it and my husband got in touch within 1 year. And I've forgotten my letter. "The bottle containing the letter passed over 5.300km distance to the beach in New York before Jones was Michael found. Mr Souter and his wife, Eileen, Michael sent a card to thank and intends to contact you in the future.


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