Nick Young & Paloma Ford Married In Vegas Wedding? — Shocking Report

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Whoa! Did Nick Young and his new girlfriend, Paloma Ford, get married??? On Oct. 14, Nick posted a photo to social media of a pamphlet from a wedding chapel in Vegas with the caption ‘she said yes.’ OMG. So, did they really tie the knot? Find out here!
Nick Young, 31,  left us scratching our heads on Oct. 14 when he made it seem like he married his new lady friend, Paloma Ford. But, apparently, it was just a big “gotcha” from Nick, who put up and then VERY quickly deleted a photo of a famous Vegas wedding chapel’s pamphlet. He captioned the post,”she said yes,” which, obviously, made us all freak out. But, the chapel says there is no record of Nick or Paloma getting married there, according to TMZ. Hmm…


Now, we’re not really sure why Nick would put this up unless he thought it was just a great joke (weird sense of humor, much?), or trying to throw us all off the scent of an actual wedding. But either way, it was still pretty strange. Especially for someone who has had some SERIOUS issues with marriage and engagements in the past. You probably don’t want to play fast and loose with those kind of words, Nick!

Of course, we’re talking about Nick’s previous engagement to Iggy Azalea, which ended absolutely horribly when Iggy found out Nick had been messing around on her. Poor Iggy, who is still trying to recover from the situation, even saying it’s the reason she’s having to delay releasing her latest album. Quit playing games with our hearts, Nick!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Nick’s photo? Was it all a stunt? Or was it a diversion from a REAL wedding that might have taken place somewhere else in Vegas? Let us know below!

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