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Hello everybody!
Welcome to the second iOS game review!

Today we will talk about "Ninjump HD", a Backflip STUDIOS game for iOS devices!
This is one of the most popular app for your device!

So... Let's see how is the game structured:

(Main Menu)

It's a simply menu, there are no much features.

Let's see what you can do here:


-Play (start your game)

-Settings (Choose if you want to stop the music or if you want to see how to play)

-Shields (buy more shields. Shields helps you to get easily a best record)

-Remove ADS

-Privacy condition


Now look at the tutorial!

-First of all to play you need only to tap on the screen to make your ninja go on another wall.

-If you hit 3 enemies in a row you will get a powerup.

-Try to not hit an obstacle or game is over!

-Take a shield or use it while playing to block an hit!

The game is so easy and so funny!

There is a screenshot while playing:

And finally the lose screen:

On the lose screen you can choose to go back to menu, see your best record, try again, share your score or buy more shields!

After all, there is my comment:
This is an Epic game.

It is funny, easy and intuitive !

Enjoy this game!



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