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Let me make a very strong statement here : Our mission Takmeel e Pakistan is the most sacred ideological mission for the revival of Ummah and Pakistan. But we are facing most severe resistance from within Pakistan. There is total blockade on me to come on media, cases have been registered against me and we are being blocked at every levels. We know those people. 

Two religious groups are most fiercely anti-Takmeel e Pakistan and those are: 

1. A strong militant group within deobandis. 
2. A strong powerful group within Shias

I will ask both these groups to stop behaving like Yazeedis and Kufis. We are ahl Beyt. followers of Imam Hussain. We have taken up this duty knowing fully well that this is a risky dangerous path, full of enemies and betrayals and we will do our duty at all costs IA. 

Come and support us in this mission of Ghazwa e Hind, Takmeel e Pakistan and United states of Islam. Support our war against Khawarij, against Taghoot, against Riba and against Anglo-saxon laws. Those who support us the true Hussainis. Those who opose us are the Yazeedis or Kufis, even if they are Sunnis or Shias today !! 

Alhamdolillah ! We are true Hussaninis, living a life of dignity, heading for a death of honor, InshAllah, when Allah wills !!

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