No Dispute At All Part 4

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If you claim to be a Shia or Sunni and serve Riba based Kufr system, serve anglo-saxon laws of Kufr, serve Democracy and spread filthy vulgarity through Media then you are NOT a Hussaini !!! then you are a Yazeedi, even if you cry your heart out in Moharram !!! Know this very well !! 

Sayyadi Rasul Allah Imam Hussian will disown every person who serves to destroy the Deen of Islam, serve the Kufr and protect the interests of Jews and Mushriks, even if he claims to be Shian e Ali, or Ahl sunnah wal Jamaat !!! 

This is a warning to all those who consider themselves as Naji firqa but in reality live a most filthy life of Haram in dunya !! 

Followers of Imam Hussain, live with dignity, wage war against Kufr of the time and then die with honor !! That is real message of Karbala ! 

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