No Excuses

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When you decide to start working out often it is a short lived decision, life gets in the way. I can't tell you how many times over the last two decades in the fitness industry i've heard this. There always seems to be some reason to stop working out and no shortage of support of your decision to quit.

Most who will read this might say "but you're a fitness trainer of course it's easy for you" and I can see how they would, but to live a healthy lifestyle is a choice and as such you have the ability to embrace the process and stick to it no matter what. Consider this if you are not healthy you're not going to be happy and what happens to the rest of the goals or ambitions that you have set for your life?

Your health literally is the most important thing you have and you are despite what you my think you are in control of it. Unfortunately we tend to take that fact for granted and put off getting our selves in shape until tomorrow or until we discover that we are sick and then we pay attention. I live in New York City and everyday I see someone who is homeless or in some way disabled and I think to my self whats my excuse of not pushing as hard as I can I've been fortunate in my life to have been blessed with good health. Some days I don't want to go to Judo practice or to the gym or to Yoga class, there are days that I just want to eat cheeseburgers and drink beer and once in a while I do, but the choice to be a good  Judo athlete was mine and mine alone. I honor this choice by the level of intensity that I bring to my training. I honor my choice by how I take care of my body what I eat and the amount of rest that I get and maybe most importantly by how I carry myself in the community.

There is no healthy mind without a healthy body the two go hand in hand. Good self esteem and a sense of well being are indispensable and these are only two benefits of  adopting an exercise plan and making the choice to stick to it. Its not just about looking good there are many who meet some ascetic standard of beauty who lives are a shamble, it's about your life and it is of the highest priority.

It's never too late to start ( i started Judo at 42 years of age ) get a physical and start slowly do research and have fun with it, set some small goals that lead to larger ones and and every day try and do something that will get you there.

There are no excuses! 

Paul Virtue


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Paul Virtue is a life-long athlete who understands the challenge, the pain and the dream. As a personal trainer, he is able to give his clients the benefit of his experience. He turns a deaf ear to excuses and facilitates remarkable transformations. Paul believes in the power of the individual…

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