No, I'm Not a Flight Attendant. I'm Your Pilot!

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For my first every blog on bitlanders I want to talk about working my way up the ladder for a pilot career.  Yes, I'm a chick making my way up the ranks to become an airline pilot...hopefully for JetBlue.  People ask me all the time if it's scary but I've always wanted to become a pilot.  It's a massive responsibility but I'm not some reckless, naive, idiot.  I knew what I was getting myself into and that the 100s of souls on my flight depend on me to make good decisions, the right decisions.  In return I get to work doing what I love!  Cruising through the clouds, taking vacations on my free travel perks with the regional airline I'm working with now.  Livin!  I started flight training in New York but have since moved to a Florida flight school in New Smyrna Beach .  They not only gave me a loan to complete my training but have a partnership with different regional airlines so you're basically hired as long as you don't screw up in your training.  You gain seniority during your training too which is a huge deal for me.  Anyways, this me and hopefully I can meet some people here that are interested in aviation.  

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