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     I've been doing this 30-day AB Challenge in this past few days. Actually, I am now on my 13th day which consists of 60 sit-ups, 75 crunches, 40 leg raises, and 50 seconds plank. To tell you honestly, I'm still quite doubtful weather I can finish this challenge or not. Imagine the 30th day (125 situps, 200 crunches, 65 leg raises, and 2 minute plank). It will really hurt a lot but I will do my best to finish this one. Just a proper mind setting and everything will be just fine. 


Aside from the AB Challenge, I've also been working out to properly build my muscles. I always go to the gym, well almost everyday but I don't lift heavy weights because I want to properly execute every program. Also, heavy weights can make me bulky and I don't want that to happen because it will not look good on a 5'6" tall like me. 




In addition to those daily routines mentioned above, I am also doing sprints. It is said that sprinting is more effective than a normal jogging would. Did you know that just by doing sprints in 2 and half minutes your body will burn 200 calories already? Now you already know. Imagine doing sprints in 15 minutes, so your body will lose 1200 calories in just a short period of time. 



 Going back to the AB Challenge, I want to do another Ab Cardio Workout after I've completed my the 30-Day Challenge. If you want, you can also do these in your home (see videos below).

I hope these videos can also help you in losing some pounds and becoming lean. Remember, exercise will not only help you become fit and healthy but it will also help your family in the future. I hope you get it. 


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