No saints in fashion!

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The idea to the first episode of no Saints is to describe how we do business with apparel manufacturer in China, with a sense of humor.Me and Said are in charge of  garment sales and manufacturing fabric.
China is the place where all happens now and US economy need fashion apparel manufacturers as most of US factories closed down in the last 10 years.
Business is not easy because also China is facing a strong rising costs to empower domestic market and try to sell more to Chinese people and less to export, so We need to find other sources of income.
In our first episode, We are showing the final customer approval, but this order is not really only for garments! There are many details in a garment to be approved: Fabric, trims, stitches etc. It's a long process and all the clothes manufactured have some challenges.
Also fabric is a tough sale because every order can be subjected to various issues: testing , color off , price changes in short period.For example at the end of 2010 cotton textile production went through a tough year and lower outcome due to big flooding in Pakistan and China.
In addition, Chinese government held cotton raw material in storage as a speculation. Result was that the cotton price doubled in few months and the entire World had to accept these new prices or move to a different fabric.
Of course most of my customer were very in trouble and not sure which direction they could take : pay more or change product?

In this case the main focus is something added to the garment in a smart way.

I want to thank Mr Ferrara for the patience he had to work with my fabric team, that of course we are not professional actors but We tried our best to please him and it was a great honor to work with him on the stage.

It was fun but of course it's not easy task to be an actor: short film makers knows how 5 minutes footage means hours or days of work. coordination in the backstage and promote an online film are also key of success for a low budget movie.
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