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It's been a week since I had planned our itinerary for our Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras vacation with my husband and since my brother and sister in law are both in Iloilo, they were suppose to come with us but then unfortunate things happen and that I have to let it go, or shall I say reschedule. I had been researching on certain places that we can visit in the city area because we only have three days to do this trip.

I should be sharing the itinerary but I will just explain it here. So the plan was to get to Bacolod via Ceres Bus Liner from Cebu which would take around eight hours from Cebu City to Toledo then a barge will take us to San Carlos Negros Occidental. Then the same bus will take us to Bacolod. We have planned to take the 6pm trip supposedly today. But since we are not pursuing it, here's the places that we should be visiting on Saturday.

Bacolod Baywalk for sunrise
Bacolod Capitol Park & Lagoon
Cafe Bob's / or try SuperHero Cafe
The Ruins
Bacolod Museum
Lunch at Manokan Country
Vintage Glasses Museum

That's a lot of places but we have aimed to go to Ilo-ilo via fastcraft around four of five since their last trip is at five in the afternoon.

My brother's in Iloilo together with his wife so we will be staying with them. The main reason this itinerary was made was because of the Pintados which is happening on Sunday, 22nd in Passi City. Here's our itinerary for Sunday.

Breakfast at Madge Cafe
to Pintados Passi City
back to ilo ilo
Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy
Iloilo River
Camiña Balay Nga Bato
Nelly Garden

Passi City has to be traveled by bus as my brother is situated in Jaro and trip takes around an hour. But then again, since we are not going, this itinerary will be changed.

We planned to go to Guimaras for an island hopping experience which is really cheap at 500 for the first hour and additional 100 for the next succeeding hours. Then aside from that, we are planning to go to the Windmills in San Lorenzo as well as experience how sweet their mangoes are in Jordan, Guimaras.

We should be back to Iloilo before five so we can catch up the ship from there back to Cebu which will take 14 hours.

But then no worries because the husband promised me that we will still be going in the next few weeks. The main reason for it is the fact that he has an emergency overtime work by Saturday and Sunday, well his boss gave him two holiday offs as well as a reward for that and it is also a paid OT so, that's still good. I am just looking for available dates when we can pursue this. I am thinking of the Holy Week but I guess most of the establishments will be closed by that time. What do you think?

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