No way out!

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I would look at people sometimes, many people who were always around me, mostly in pairs, couples, loving each other like the world is going to end in sometime. I would look at people caring for each other like it is their last breath. I would look at people laughing their heart out like that was the happiest moment of their life. All that would make me think of how beautiful the life is, how happy everybody is, how loving they are, the way they care for each other.

Then i saw the other side of the picture, i saw them fight like they are the only two left in the war, i saw them making each other cry that someone might not want their enemy to cry like that, i saw them hating each other like they were the least wanted, i saw them being away from each other like there was a wall between them and i thought is this the extent how worst could the life get. I would think why would people do that, love each other the most for a minute and then hate each other too like anything. I would think why won't they leave each other even after that.

Then one day God gave me someone to show me why, and i know all the answers to my questions. 


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