Nobody Is Safe

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Looking at current events in Afghanistan, when it comes to the people living there whether they're Afghan children, women, or men, or a NATO soldier their life can be taken away at anytime, any day. Life on the ground across the country right now is unstable and out of control. The War in Afghanistan is one thing, but there is a lot of random violence happening that is occurring for inexplicable reasons. And even if a explanation is given, it doesn't make sense. Right now pointless violence is taking innocent lives or causing serious harm.

Violence has ranged from school children being poisoned, to a woman being executed on video, to a suicide bomber killing 17 people at wedding, and Afghan military personnel and police doing sneak attacks on NATO soldiers (Green on Blue attacks). All of these acts are heinous and cowardly. Though, the violence is random because it can be committed by a single person acting alone, the Taliban, or another terrorist group hanging out in the country.

As a top U.S. Military Commander announced recently that withdrawal of American troops is halfway done, that drawdown seems to be happening too slow for some people. NATO continues to train the Afghans to handle their own security for the upcoming complete withdrawal of NATO ground forces in 2014. However, five NATO troops were killed, with three of them being American when a person wearing Afghan security force clothing unexpectedly fired upon them. It somewhat seems like NATO is providing training and then being killed with the tactics they've taught. 

Afghanistan is a hard place to be right now for everyone, especially NATO soldiers. They consistently hear that the Afghan people need and want their help, but with certain occurrences it's hard to fully trust them. For now, everyone there has to be cautious while not letting extremists and other terror groups dictate their daily lives. 

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