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So following the release of my trailer for ‘Noise With Noise’ - the upcoming short I’m currently working on which you can view the trailer for here

 I thought I would follow this up by uploading a couple of short preview clips to Film Annex. The clips are at this stage without soundtrack, as I plan to produce the soundtrack in response to the visuals after I have produced the film. As I work on this short I’m starting to delve further into what Trapcode Mir (the main After Effects plug in I am using to produce the visuals) can do and discovering hidden depths to it, intricacies that are producing pleasing results. In this blog post I have included screen shots taken from the preview video and I will be uploading the animation sequences to Film Annex shortly. I hope you enjoy this preview of ‘Noise With Noise’. Subscribe to to receive future updates.





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Iain Goodyear is a film maker, motion graphics animator and photographer based in Manchester in the UK. Iain has produced films, music videos and animations that are experimental and abstract in nature since 2000. He graduated from Staffordshire University in 2001 with a BA Hons in Media Production. Iain also…

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