Nokia now Presents HERE Applications for Smartphone Android and Tizen Smartwatch Owned Samsung

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An exclusive partnership recently established between Nokia to Samsung. The two companies that once had often clashed it just makes cooperation Galaxy smartphones and wearable devices based Tizen comes with Nokia's Maps application HERE.

Not only was present exclusively, controlled by a feature HERE Maps application for Android smartphone Samsung's Galaxy also quite complete. Among these are the ability to access the maps offline. In addition, the Android Maps application HERE also equipped with other features such as navigation turn-by-turn, GPS location tracking and searching.

The ability to be used offline HERE also provide advantages when compared to Google Maps. Samsung Galaxy smartphone users have the option to download maps specific areas. And furthermore, the map can be explored offline without internet connection.

In addition, Nokia also bring the application to his Tizen device. Some of the products that will be Tizen could use this application include the Galaxy Gear, Gear Neo 2, Gears 2 and Gears 2 And what about the other Android smartphone users? It seems still have to wait ya!

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