Normative Ethics Vs Descriptive Ethics

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Normative Ethics Vs Descriptive Ethics




Yesterday I wrote about the concepts of ethics. But today my concern is with the branches of Ethics.

There are two branches of Ethics.

Normative Ethics & Descriptive Ethics

  1. Normative Ethics

The study of moral principles which seeks to discover is known as normative ethics. “How one ought to act”. It involves supplying and justifying moral systems. That is “What should be”.

It derives from moral standards that are right and wrong.


Simply obeying moral rules and regulations is known as Normative Ethics.

  • Normative Ethics is prescribed by ethics.
  • Normative describes the difference between what is right or wrong.
  • Advice by Ethics.
  • Example:- What should I act in this situation.
  1. Descriptive Ethics:-

It is also known as Anti normative ethics or Non normative ethics.

This branch says that there are no moral standards but moral standard is our fore fathers not any rules and regulations. This basically says that “What people act in that situation”.

  • Deny from rules and regulations.
  • Against Moral Standards.
  • Descriptive Ethics is descriptive in nature.
  • You only see people or described by the people of the society.
  • Descriptive does not describe the difference between right or wrong.
  • Example: - What people are doing in that situation.
  • I have to lie because my all fellow lie.

Best one is Normative Ethics because it follows the Ethics.


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