Not about Chile eartquake, but Makkah Crane

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On the orders of the king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Hafidzahullah as a waiter two holy land (al Haramain), that the government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will provide assistance to the victims died and were injured in the crash of heavy equipment craine Dzulqo'dah 11th 1436 H in Masjidl Haram. Among the assistance to be provided are as follows:
1. Provide assistance amounting to 1,000,000 SR (range 3.8 M Rupiah) to each family of the victims who died in this incident.
صرف مبلغ مليون ريال لذوي كل شهيد توفاه الله سبحانه وتعالى في هذه الحادثة
2. Providing a grant of 1,000,000 SR (range 3.8 M Rupiah) to the victims maimed for life.
صرف مبلغ مليون ريال لكل مصاب بإصابة بالغة نتج عنها إعاقة دائمة
3. Provide assistance amounting to SR 500,000 (range 1.9 M Rupiah) to each of the victims who did not die (injured).
صرف مبلغ (خمسمائة ألف ريال) لكل واحد من المصابين الآخرين
Hafidzahullah He also explained that all this aid will not be granted unless those who qualify (from the victim's family) after the report to a special section in charge. Of course in this matter is not another in order to maintain the trust and that the aid is delivered to those who really deserve it.
On the orders of King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Hafidzahullah that the royal government of Saudi Arabia will also provide other relief assistance. Such assistance is:
1. Menghajikan 2 of the families of the victims who died as a royal guest of honor at the 1437 H pilgrimage season (next year).
باستضافة اثنين من ذوي كل متوفى من حجاج الخارج ضمن ضيوف خادم الحرمين الشريفين لحج عام 1437 ه
2. Provide the flexibility to enhance the pilgrimage next year for victims who can not perform Hajj this year. As a guest of honor at the royal pilgrimage season 1437 H (next year).
تمكين من لم تمكنه ظروفه الصحية من المصابين من استكمال مناسك حج هذا العام من معاودة أداء الحج عام 1437 ه ضمن ضيوف خادم الحرمين الشريفين
3. And give special visitor visas to the families of the victims to visit / care for victims still living in the hospital during the remaining period of the Hajj season this year. Similarly visa and return to his country.
ومنح ذوي المصابين الذين يتطلب الأمر بقاءهم في المستشفيات تأشيرات زيارة خاصة لزيارتهم والاعتناء بهم خلال الفترة المتبقية من موسم حج هذا العام والعودة إلى بلادهم
For detailed information for those who can speak Arabic more details directly read this news story on the following link:
Here's a glimpse of notification about the kindness and attention of the royal government of Saudi Arabia to the victims who died and were injured in this tragedy.
May Allah Ta'ala constantly adding blessing on this nation and the king Hafidzahullah Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and his family.
And may Allah ta'ala gives strength and patience for the families left behind. Accept any charity Salih pilgrims who died, forgive all err, sin and error as well as incorporating them into Heaven Ferdowsi him.
Hopefully the victims who are still sick too quickly given the immediate cure to a fit and healthy and recovered usual. Aamiin yes Rabbal aalamiin ...
# Translated freely with a slight adjustment of the language and the addition of explanations to be easy to understand.
Late night town al Madinah al Munawwaroh prophet. Akhukum fillah Afza Fajri Khatami Masyhadi reportedAfkm_
Medina I Tuesday 2 Dzulhijjah1436 H / 15 September 2015 M

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