Not Very Stuffed

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I was at home all alone when all of a sudden the phone rang, It was my second brother calling me he said that I have to go to silver crown restaurant cause we are gonna eat there. I agreed but not before doing some chores in the house. I arrived at the restaurant with my family not in sight, had to wait 15 minutes till they arrived. We wen t inside ordered some food but somehow it wasn't enough to fill my belly. Well after an hour of eating with no food left, I told my parents I had to buy my niece's food for school and that I was really running behind schedule, I bought the things, paid for the stuff and turbo'd my way back to my parents within 15 minutes still got a bottle of rootbeer left so I drank it and we all went home.

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I am 26 years old and mainly sit here on my computer due to me having a stroke 5 years ago now I don't have work and I'm wasting my brain away

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