Novelty Jacquard requested before Holidays Season

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This week , last one before the official Holidays closure of our Italian Fabric suppliers, we had to be very careful. All the orders had to be ready to leave for ASIA /USA, and  the payments from the customers had to arrive on time. This moved a much higher traffic of  phone calls , emails, and stressed out expressions on the faces.. some crazy  moments,  but glad all was done properly after all.  We received new requests of  WOOL SUITING FABRICS , and  NOVELTY JACQUARD, BONDED FABRICS for  the HOLIDAY SEASON,  at the same time,  especially for WOMEN'S DRESSES , and we had to make sure everybody got the best answer and best delivery date possible. Especially our business with KATE SPADE and REBECCA TAYLOR is growing,  and these two very well know Brands have a very organized team of people that helps each other , so they were fast enough to cover the volume of  information created from all their new requests.So we were able to confirm them all. Today, 21 December  2012,  the World didn't end, as some MAYA prediction suppose it should have , fortunately, it is beautiful  as always instead. Tomorrow I will leave to see my Italian family for the Holidays, and can't contain my smile. Things  here in office, last hours before the last day of this busy working week  will be over, are slowing down again.Many emails are bouncing back with an  automatic reply now , some designer left already....HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everybody !!  

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